Does Rogaine work?

Rogaine before after hair transplant


This patient was undergoing hair loss for several years representing a hair loss pattern according to Norwood Class 6 when arriving at the HLC (Hairline Clinic). Advanced alopecia can be embarrassing to lot of people seeking for successful solutions to treat hair loss. During the first hair transplant at the HLC a total of 4000 grafts has been relocated via FUE and Body hair transplant.  A subsequent hair restoration process with another 3000 grafts has been performed one year later to fully cover the patient´s crown.


When to use Rogaine?

The patient started to use Rogaine, 5%Minoxidil, after his first hair transplant to improve the structure and caliber of pre-existing hair. Minoxidil being used with the brand Rogaine / Regaine is not necessarily indicated after a hair transplant but recommended and clinically proven for hair regrowth. As this patient has been using Rogaine post transplant his hair significantly started thickening. Even the donor was restored and proven to be in a better condition than before. More FUE Hair Transplant Results you can find here :


Patients using minoxidil can significantly improve their visual appearance with the branded product Rogaine (US) / Regaine (EU). Rogaine / Regaine is available as a topical solution or foam with 3-months packages. When first applying minoxidil to the scalp many patients may initially face an increased hair loss with regular use. Here you can find more details about Hairloss Medications : Hairloss Cure


This follows a natural pattern when new hair are pushing out pre-existing hair follicles going into a resting phase (telogen). After 3 months of constant use patients may realize an increased regrowth of hair. The visual outcome as well as the effectiveness of the product may vary depending on the patient´s predisposition.

With a sustainable approach this present hair transplant was precisely planned by the HLC to achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome. In case the patient will discontinue the use of minoxidil it will have no effect on the density of the hairline or the cover part of the scalp.

Site effects of Rogaine

Regarding the side effects of minoxidil (Rogaine / Regaine) the HLC kindly asks all patients to follow the package insert. An unwilling increase of body hair has been observed in a number of cases. Minoxidil as Rogaine / Regaine shall not be used as far as the reason of hair loss is unknown.

Health insurance will not pay the costs for medical hair treatment as it is not considered to be a disease. Rogaine / Regaine is available at pharmacy stores without a prescription.


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    picture of Rogaine before and after

    Does Rogaine work?

    Rogaine before after hair transplant This patient was undergoing hair loss for several years representing a hair loss pattern …