Hair Transplant Repair


donor area of failed hair transplant

Hair transplant Repair is a correction of previous unsuccessful hair transplant surgery which hasn’t given good aesthetic results. During this process, the transplanted hair that doesn’t grow correctly is being removed or rectified. The wrong hair lines where hair wasn’t transplanted correctly are being rectified and the scars should be planted with hair. The HLC Hairline Clinic performs successfully all these so-called Hair transplant Repair operations, due to our extensive experience.  
If you are only looking for a low cost hair transplant, the risk of a future hair transplant repair is high. Most of the low cost clinics working with the micromotors and are overharvesting the scalp donor area by assistants, so called nurses.  
In the end the patient has a window look on the donor area and missing density on the recipient area. Also the direction of the hair is not like it should be. To not get into this situation we recommend to do more research. With a poor hair transplant result people have to live for the rest of their life. And if no suitable body grafts donor is given, a Repair Hair Transplant would be not possible.  

How to fix a failed Hair Transplant:

failed hair transplant


For a Repair Hair Transplant we use first scalp donor Grafts, if still given. If not, we can use also beard Grafts under the chin area and chest Grafts. The growing yield of the beard Grafts is around 80-90%, depends on the scar tissue on the recipient area and the blood circulation. With chest Grafts we have 50-80% growing which depends on the quality of the chest Grafts and also the recipient area. Its a fact that a Repair Transplant can give less growing then a virgin scalp.

If its necessary, we also take wrong positioned Grafts out and Replace them if possible. This needs to be disscused once we see the patient life.

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