Hair Transplant Cost

The final price for a Hair Transplant
is depending on whether the head hair or body hair is used and what type of hair shaving is needed (complete or partial shaving). Hair transplant costs also depending on the amount of transplanted grafts. Please see here our Result with non shaving the Recipient area :  Hair Transplant Result with non shaving Recipient

Many Turkish clinics often try to attract patients by offering them cheap Hair Transplant. But in most cases it turns out that their only objective is to make it “cheap” and dismiss quality. Serious hair transplant clinics would not offer you 5000 Grafts over one day ! Please do not believe in this kind of offers and do your research, since you have only one head and the most important point is that your donor area is limited ! Even Dr.Woods, the father of FUE, who is practicing FUE since the beginning, does only transplanting about maximum 1500 grafts/day.


If the scalp donor area has no miniaturization and the density is above average then no body grafts needed


FUE with full shaving
2.7 Euro per Graft
FUE With full shaving and manual extraction !
FUE with non shaving recipient
3 Euro per Graft
FUE with non shaving recipient !
Body Hair Transplant
2.7 Euro per Graft
BHT Transplantation from beard and chest !
Facial Hair Transplant
2.7 Euro per Graft
Beard Transplant or Facial Hair Transplant !

Risks of a cheap Hair Transplant :


As low priced offers for hair transplants are often tempting and challenging to those with limited budgets many patients simply ignore to inform themselves comprehensively before opting for a hair transplant at clinics abroad. Unfortunately, the majority of those clinics do not fulfill their promises. Most of the hair transplants will result in poor outcomes due to a low growing yield which intensively affects the patients' self-esteem. In most cases, a second hair transplant (repair) will be necessary to avoid emotional distress and achieve an aesthetically satisfying result.  


destroyed donor area after FUE Hair transplant
destroyed donor area, cheap hair transplant

  However only a few of the patients suffering from poor results have enough donor supply to ask for a follow-up hair transplant. Since there is no unlimited donor supply the majority of the patients must live with an unsatisfying result until the end of their days. Many patients undergoing a failed hair transplant with low priced clinics have a depleted donor area and will not even be found eligible for another repair transplant. As for the final costs, the tempting effect of saving money will initially be turned into its opposite and patients will have to pay double the prize in case there is another follow-up possible.  
Anyone opting for a hair transplant with low-cost carriers should be aware that his own donor supply is limited and delicately asks for an economic distribution concept prior to the hair transplant. This is why the HLC wants everyone to realize what it means, that failed hair transplants and poor results can not be undone later.

destroyed donor area after FUE Hair Transplant
destroyed donor area with long hair


  At the Hairline Clinic quality control and affordability are considerately harmonized to offer sustainable and promising solutions for patients suffering from hair loss. However, we are not involved in the actual low price wars nor do we offer dumping prices. The HLC still offers a moderate price level for those with lower budgets. Compared to other clinics working at a similar high-quality level the Hairline Clinic is among the cheapest for hair transplant via FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in Europe. Our mission is to continuously focus on quality management with affordable Hair Transplant cost to ensure satisfying results.  


FUE Hair Transplant Price:


Our main goal is to offer our patients high quality FUE for a reasonable price. All the procedures in our clinic are performed by the doctors personally. The assistants, as the proper title indicates, are there only to assist. Besides, we perform FUE extraction manually and not with the help of electronic devices. An electronic device enables even an inexperienced practitioner, to extract up to 5000 Grafts per day.  
This is why he can later offer you a much lower price. However, our specialists consciously avoid using such electronic devices as many other recognized FUE doctors do, because in our opinion it can have a negative influence on the result and on the quality. Among other reasons, this is because with such extreme extraction speed the transection rate can get higher and the grafts can be damaged, which would later prevent them from growing as expected.  

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant:

1. By FUE in the HLC clinic, the Grafts are extracted by doctors personally! 2. The Grafts are extracted manually ! 3. The number of Grafts extracted per day will not exceed 1200-1500! 4. The extracted Grafts are transplanted immediately with the stick and place technique!  
We practice so-called stick and place transplantation which means that we are not extracting all 1500 Grafts at a time to later plant them, but do it in smaller portions of 600-750 Grafts. This ensures that Grafts spend less time, without access to blood circulation.  

Cheap Hair Transplant vs Quality Hair Transplant:

Cheap Hair Transplant:


  • A cheap Hair Transplant will be done always through non-surgeons! This means that some technicians or even non-technicians will work on your head !

  • A cheap Hair Transplant will be fast. This means you will get 3000-5000 Grafts in one day! This results mostly with transacted Grats and less Hair Count. So your important donor Reserves get wasted.

  • A cheap Hair Transplant will not reach the density you would get normally if you choose quality. The transplanted hairline will not look natural in therms of design and density.

  • A cheap Hair Transplant will be done with cheap motorized extraction tools. This ends with high transaction rates. So most of the extracted Grafts have less hair! Hair gives density, not Grafts !! Important to understand this !

  • A cheap Hair Transplant can destroy your life forever because the risk that your scalp donor area has scars and thinning afterward is very high! You will end up with a destroyed donor area and not happy Result! Almost impossible to repair !

Quality Hair Transplant:


  • Quality Hair Transplant is when the surgeon is doing the Grafts extraction, manually or with high-quality motorized tools !

  • Quality Hair Transplant is when the surgeon is doing the implantation or the slits for the Grafts, dense packing, correct directions, and angles !

  • Quality Hair Transplant is when your scalp donor area not shows scarring and thinning afterward! In case you have several surgeries, then you have to accept a thinning on the donor area.

  • Quality Hair Transplant is when your surgeon and technicians wear surgical magnification loupes. Minimum 4x for assistants, 6x for surgeons !

  • Quality Hair Transplant is when the grafts storage is done correctly, cooling of the Grafts and handling of the Grafts through special devices and technicians.

  • Quality Hair Transplant is when nobody understands that you have transplanted hair, even your barber !

  • Quality Hair Transplant is when your surgeon talks about the worst case, donor amount for future, Medications against hair loss !

In the End its always the same: You have limited Donor area, so do the best with it! To safe some money and go with a cheap hair transplant can be a big mistake for the rest of your life !!!  
So, while comparing prices, pay attention to details and maybe ask “why” and “how” it is being possible that the cost of a hair transplant can be so low because normally there are reasons for that. A Repair (correction) procedure can be very difficult for you psychologically as well as financially. But you can avoid it if you find yourself a good doctor from the very beginning. Please remember the most important point in hair transplant –> Limited donor area!  
Please check here the details about hair transplant repair difficulties: Hair Transplant Repair solutions You can send us your photographs and as soon as we have studied them, we will come up with our recommendation. Please fill in our online consultation form, as it will help us to get the necessary details.
Our FUE Guide will answers all questions related to a FUE Hair Transplant.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here : contact-us

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