Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant, how to grow a beard

There are two ways how to grow a beard : If you have already some beard hair but patchy beard, you can try Minoxidil for beard. It is recommended to use it twice a day on the beard area. However, many patients don’t want to use minoxidil because it can also improve the body hair density on other areas and also to apply it twice a day constantly makes it not easy.  Some reported also about little site effects it can bring with it. The more effective way to get beard hair or a dense beard is a Beard Transplant, if the donor areas are  sufficient for that.

For Beard Transplant the Hairline Clinic exclusively uses genuine beard hair follicles being preferably extracted from underneath the chin area. Furthermore regular scalp donor hair from the horseshoe-shaped fringe of the head , donor safe zone, can be chosen for relocation to the beard area in case there is not enough donor supply of the patient´s beard hair.

As it varies in structure and diameter regular hair from the backside of the head may appear less matching with pre-existing beard hair and thus result in a lower density. To finally achieve a satisfying outcome involving a natural density of the beard our hair surgeons may possibly need to opt for a higher amount of grafts in case the expected result will not meet the expectations.

We want our patients to be informed about the fact that every physician of the clinic will only be able to tell the final amount of grafts needed for a beard hair transplant redistribution when having personally seen and examined the patient and approved him to be eligible for beard hair transplant. While an average amount of 4000 to 7000 grafts / follicles at the donor area of the head is regularly considered to be available for hair transplant every patient is supposed to be aware of the fact that hair loss can be a progressing process and may continue in the future. Any graft being extracted from this area may gradually shorten the final reserves of hair follicles for future hair transplants.


patchy beard
before beard transplant, patchy beard


Furthermore beard hair follicles being extracted from the lower area of the chin may result in a lower density around this facial region. Hair surgeons have regularly chosen this part of the face for the extraction process during beard-hair transplants due to its higher density of single-hair grafts. Eventually this area is less exposed to the public than other areas of the face. The majority of our patients have regularly shown confidence and accepted this area of the face to offer a sufficient donor supply.


patchy beard , what to do
beard transplant before

Depending on the availability and adequacy of donor hair both methods can be performed on patients during one single procedure. As both beard-to-beard and donor-to-beard transplants offer a viable option for successful and aesthetically pleasing results the Hairline Clinic is capable to equally perform both methods during one session.

Any further details can be discussed during a visit in our clinic after having examined your donor and beard area personally. You will be able to discuss your future plans with our hair surgeon during a consultation at the Hairline Clinic (HLC) after we have measured your actual donor supply giving you and us the chance to achieve a natural and satisfying outcome.


beard transplant post op
beard transplant post op, beard to beard transplant


Which hair can can be considered for Beard Transplant?

For a Beard Transplant or to get the beard area more dense, we use first the original beard hair under the chin. If the amount is not enough, we can use the hair from the scalp and also we can take hair from the chest and give the beard area more density with chest hair. We, Hairline Clinic, are experts in Body Hair Transplant and Beard Transplant.

Beard Transplant Cost

Our rates for Beard Transplant are exclusively calculated with 3 € per Graft. Every patient can expect local transfer, costumer care, daily meals, medication and a special post-transplant package. Please contact us or more information regarding Facial Hair Transplant, dense beard, full beard, beard transplant : Bear Transplant Result, full beard, facial hair transplant


Beard Transplant to the head or to the Strip- Scar

Hairline Clinic Turkey achieved very good results with Beard Transplant to the head. Beard hair transplant can used to give the crown and the top area more density.  We also perform beard to beard or head to beard transplantation for a full and dense beard, Facial Hair Transplant.


Beard hair transplant is especially important for those who have little donor hair in the donor area to extract and redistribute. Because of our special beard extraction method, there will be no visible scars on the beard area. Even on black skin patients we never had scars. We mostly not take more then 1000-1500 Grafts under the chin area in the first surgery. If the patient is happy with the result, we can continue with the beard extraction. We have cases where we took more then 6000 Grafts from the beard area and transplanted it to the head. Beard Hair on the head can give good density because there are curly and strong hair. Thats why beard hair should be not used in the hairline. For the top and crown area its a great opting.


Here you will find an example > Hair transplant repair with beard hair

The Beard FUE technique can also be used for scar repair of previous FUT or FUE surgeries, i.e. hair units are extracted from the beard and transplanted into the scars by our special Beard-FUE method. Look at this example with about 1930 Beard Hair Units transplanted into a lineal scar that was caused by FUT strip hair transplant technique > FUE beard scar repair



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