Live Consultation in Cologne

Due to the high demand, the Hairline Clinic and her team offer another appointment for live consultation and information about hair transplantation according to the FUE method. The event will be on
June 17, 2018 in Cologne.
As part of the live consultations there is the possibility of an individual status assessment. In addition, the possibilities that can be achieved with a hair transplant according to the latest and globally successfully practiced FUE method are presented. For each participant, a concept based on the individual hair status is designed. Subsequently, the perspectives and opportunities for the future are shown.
For participation in our events, including all individual consultations, a fee of only € 50 per participant will be charged. The participation fee will be credited to the participants later when they decide to have a hair transplant at the Hairline Clinic. Individual counseling takes about 30 minutes per person. Interested persons can now register at: or! The exact location in Cologne will be announced in the next few days.

Kind regards,

Hairline Clinc

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    Hi ,

    my name is Abdul . i am 36 years old. i did hair transplant (first session FUE technique 3400 graft) in 2014 in beauty clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. now i would like to do the 2nd session . i have enough doner area but i would like to take some grafts from my bear and some of from head back. if you can please give me information about everything including price.


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