Live Consultation in Paris, France

Published by: admin admin | Published date: December 25, 2018

Advice and information opportunities for Hair Transplant in Paris :
The Next Live Consultations will take place on January 19.01-20.01.2019 in Paris.
Within the framework of the live consultations, there is the possibility of an individual status assessment. In addition, the possibilities that can be achieved with a hair transplant according to the latest and worldwide successfully practiced FUE method will be presented. A concept based on the individual hair status will be developed for each participant. Afterward, the perspectives and chances for the future will be shown.
For the participation in our events including all individual consultations, a contribution towards expenses of only 50 € per participant will be charged.
The participation fee will be credited to the participants later when they decide on a hair transplant in the Hairline Clinic. Individual consultations last about 30 minutes per person. Interested persons can now register at

The exact location in Paris will be announced in the next few days.
Best regards to France,
Hairline Clinic

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