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Hairline Clinic is a team directed by Dr. Özgür Öztan and his team, specializing in the FUE hair transplant Turkey, and practicing this successfully since 2003, being one of the world-leading FUE Hair transplant clinic.

We Specialize in FUE Hair Transplant Turkey, Hair transplant turkey

From the very beginning Hairline Clinic has been using only FUE hair transplant technique. During this process we use FUE extraction needles of 0,6 – 0,9 mm in diameter that were specially designed for our hair transplant clinic turkey. Due to very small sizes of extraction needles the cicatrices on the donor area are as small as possible and the follicular units can be extracted (FUs) safely. This secures the hair growth and prevents appearance of cicatrices.

Unlike the traditional Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) method, also known as strip hair transplant technique, that involves stripping skin and a bigger skin flap being removed from the back of the head; the FUE method is based on extracting hair units with the help of a hollow needle, so that the damage of the donor area is being kept to an absolute minimum, also very helpful for the healing process. We have chosen this non-scalpel technique because it is very much more sparing and less invasive than the traditional FUT method.

FUE hair transplant Turkey advantages:

    • Treatment without scalpel
    • No stitches needed
    • No visible scars
    • No separation of blood-vessels from the nerves
    • A much quicker healing process of the donor area (in just a few days there is no visible trace of the operation left)
    • Possibility to start practicing sports in a few days
Additional Option for FUE Transplant – Bodyhair transplant Turkey (BHT)

With the help of our special FUE hair transplant needles we are able to extract hair follicles safely, not only from the head, but also from the body (Body hair Transplant (BHT); for example from the breast, beard,hands or legs. It is also perfectly possible to extract hair follicles from the beard. This extracted hair units can be transplanted not only into the head, but also into the scars (see also Repair Hair Transplant), beard hair transplant, Beard transplant turkey

This kind of hair transplant is also known as bodyhair transplant (BTH) and is very special and complicated. However, the HLC Hairline Clinic (Dr. Ozgur and his team) account to vast experience and many good results in BTH have been obtained over the years.

Bodyhair transplant Turkey, BHT

Body hair transplant technique offers a possibility to perform hair transplant in cases of hair loss when there is no readily available donor area to take hair follicles from.
Repair hair transplant (correction of previous unsuccessful hair transplant which haven’t been given good aesthetic results)
hair transplant repair is often needed for the patients who have experienced an unsuccessful hair transplant operation. The transplanted hair that doesn’t grow correctly is being removed or rectified. The wrong hair lines where hair wasn’t transplanted correctly are being rectified and the scars are to being planted with hair. HLC Hairline Clinic performs all these so-called repair hair transplant operations successfully due to our vast experience. Repair hair transplant turkey.
Scar Repair transplant – hair transplant into the scar
The same method is used to transplant head hair and body hair into scars. This method is used for the patients who have undergone hair transplant operations which weren’t successful and ended up with unattractive scars. As of consequence, these patients often can not wear their hair short and necessarily keep their hair long, as to cover their scars. In such cases we transplant hair directly into the scars. We take hair from the donor area on the head, if there is still enough hair there (FUE hair transplant) or from the body (Body hair transplant (BHT)). Even with cases when such transplants do not produce a 100% result and the scar does not disappear completely and is much less visible, so that one can have his hair cut shorter.

Hair transplant Turkey cost, Hair transplant costs

Our objective at the Hairline Clinic, based in Turkey, is to offer high-grade hair transplant operations for reasonable and affordable prices, without bringing quality down. Get to know the workings of HLC Hairline Clinic and see the quality work of our hair transplant clinic in turkey.

Would you have any questions, please contact our Consultant and expert, Gökhan Dogan is always there for you!

Sincerely yours, Dr. Özgur and the Hairline Clinic Team